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April 24, 2007

Global Climate Data: WMO, NOAA & Co. are LYING - exposed worldwide first

The data published by government Climate Agencies since October 2006 is nothing but an increasing lie.
The global changes are not 0.1° C but at least 10 times greater.
And 1ªC can make all the difference, as illustrated by coral reefs or cyclone building.

Proof: each month there are huge continental areas that present UNPRECEDENTED positive anomalies (up to +6° C).
Continental areas with corresponding negative anomalies are much smaller and present much weaker anomalies. You don't need to do any computation of (areas * anomalies) to immediately verify that the earth has heated at least 1°C since October 2006.
One simple look at the anomaly map for March 2007 can immediately expose the lie.

Yet another case of (1 + 1) vs. the official hoaxed data.
The fact that the hoaxers go as far as to publish these maps show how sure the illuminati are about the fact that the sheep have been reduced to zombies.

Another example of official hoaxed data- "Science fiction - this time into the past", from 2003 - archived 2005,,,=49764


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